Update - we're gearing up for the first run

In good news, we've been able to secure some more of our preferred transistor, the Newmarket NKT MT57F. There is little information out there on these, but those in the know seem to agree that they are re-labelled NOS NKT275's. They may have been a custom order or OEM type transistor at the time, come in the same TO1 can as the NKT275, and from our tests, as well as those by other reputable builders, they are sonically identical to the 'red-dot' NKT275. 

Having landed a few of these now, our first run of FF-01's will be released in the coming weeks. To secure you're pedal please email us at gracetoneeffects@gmail.com. These pedals will be retailing at $399AUD + Shipping. #excitingtimes